Advanced Courses 

"We need to embody our knowledge as massage therapists. It is through experiential exploration that we become more effective and refined in our work"
Traditionally this healing art of Thai Massage was passed from teacher to student over many years of practice and guidance. Nowadays we are able to learn the basic techniques very quickly but the depth of our work only matures with continued study over time. Bodywisdom School is committed to offering students a regular programme of further study and CPD workshops. They are open to all students who have completed a foundation course in Traditional Thai massage and who have been practising for a year or more.

We host visiting tutors on regular basis, in previous years many students from a variety of backgrounds have enjoyed the teaching offerd by Felicity Keebaugh, and David Lutt from Osteothai. We would also like to invite Robert Henderson ( Working with energy and emotion in Thai massage) and Silke Ziehl - Holistic Pulsing. Email us with your interest.

The Benefits of Advanced Trainings

  • Study of advanced courses enhances your credibility as a complementary health professionals
  • CPD provides you with opportunities to continue to learn from one another and develop your intuition and skills.
  • Expand your appreciation and understanding of how you can use and play with the form of Thai massage to become more creative in your practice.
  • Improve body mechanics: develop and review different ways of working to suit your body in order to work safely, efficiently and effectively with your clients.
  • Refine your listening tools so you enhance the quality of simple touch. 
  • Use  complementary modalities like, developmental Yoga, meditation and creative movement to explore the body's potential in a fluid, organic and structural way. 
Current Courses
Advanced Side Position Course: Massage for Pregnancy & Back Pain
Taught by Fiona and Nicola Smith
Email to register your interest in this course

This 5-day intensive is for Thai massage therapists with a minimum of two years' professional experience who wish to offer Thai massage for women during pregnancy and to clients for the treatment of back pain. Drawing on our experience as practitioners and mothers who both gave and received Thai massage during our pregnancies, we teach from an embodied place of understanding.  We both offer pregnancy and post-natal massage in our clinics and love sharing this sacred dance with other women during such a life-changing (and life-affirming) period. Women's needs during this time are different on so many levels - emotionally, physically and energetically.
We cover the practical application of appropriate Thai massage techniques for pregnancy including the full protocol in the side-lying position as well as developing skills on how we can support and create a support network for women during the pre and post-natal period.
The side-lying protocol overlaps the work for treating lower back pain and this workshop offers students the skills and confidence to work more deeply into the abdomen and to apply therapeutic approaches for back pain.
Annual Community Skill Share Day (UK)
Email to register your interest in the next skill share

Facilitated by Bodywisdom School, this is an opportunity for Thai Massage students, practitioners and teachers from all lineages to come together and share in the spirit of Metta. The day currently takes place in Bristol or Bath.

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