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I currently offer sessions in Nunney and Frome. My clinic times are Tuesdays 9.30-3pm and Thursdays 9.30-12.30. For sessions outside of these times, please check in advance. Call 07930 442639 for an nformal consultation or to make an appointment.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient practice which treats the whole person and is a powerful tool for physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional well-being. Thai Massage works physically on the whole body and equally importantly, seeks to rebalance the flow of Prana (Life force or Qi) that flows through us, supporting our body's natural healing ability. The sensitive and nurturing touch of good Thai Massage can help us to listen to ourselves more fully. When we know what our body is telling us, it helps us to take better care of ourselves in daily life.  
Nicola's perceptiveness of touch seems to open you up and help the energy beneath the skin, in the bone to flow. She is skillful with and knowledgeable of the body's deeper currents, taking a soulful hold on the my body; freeing up emotions and giving me a sense of release and balance to my whole person. I find her sessions both restorative and uplifting. (E.T, teacher & mother)

A Thai massage from Nicola is the way I stay healthy and in tune with my body. For me it is a spiritual experience. From the moment I enter the space I know I’m being cared for. She relieves aches and pains but also goes to a place where I feel deeply refreshed in my being. (K.P, Psychotherapist)
Thanks so much for your massages. I find them really supportive and nurturing. (E.K. Thai Therapist).


Zero Balancing ( Z.B)

What is Zero Balancing anyway?- Click to find out.

Zero Balancing is one of the few forms of bodywork which works directly with the bones and the foundation joints, acknowledging the bone as flexible tissue which changes, listens and responds to events in our lives. Bone holds our deepest and oldest memories, it reacts to joy or shock, breathes and fails to breathe... Bone carries the imprint of all that we do, and of where we have been. It is by working with the bone and the energy flow within it that Zero Balancing effectively helps to release deeply and chronically held tensions in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. During the course of a session the client remains fully clothed and lies on their back on a treatment couch. 'The practitioner uses finger pressure and held stretches to  provide  points of stillness around which the body can intelligently release deeply held tension, offering us a new level of experience and integration'. Zero Balancing is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It can be especially useful after a physical impact or emotional shock.

After my car accident – I was feeling a lot of tension in my body – tension held at core but after the ZB, I felt no pain. There has been a real shift on all levels. (K.C - artist)
Wonderful, amazing, like coming home. (C.A, artist)
Zero Balancing  helps my body find how it needs to sit (SM, business woman)


Holistic Pulsing

Pulsing is a rhythmic, rocking form of bodywork that encompasses the whole body and allows you to increase your sensitivity to your body in order to engage in the process of dynamic re-patterning the body, mind and spirit

Click here for great information and footage of holistic pulsing
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Pulsing is often described as "The Tai Chi of massage". While this captures something of its spirit, Pulsing actually contains little of what most people would consider as massage. The client lies on a couch, but may remain fully clothed; no oil is used. Rather than working soft tissue, Pulsing focuses on setting up a vibration within and around the skeletal system to improve mobility, movement and function. As it releases tensions accumulated around the spinal column so the breathing mechnanim is liberated and more freedom can be felt throughout the whole system. It can be especially useful for releasing patterns of chronic physical and emotional tension and recipients often report a feeling of 'relaxed aliveness'.
The Pulsing felt simple, enjoyable, nourishing and a reminder of what's good. I felt the experience of energy in my cells. (K.B, teacher)
A session of Pulsing is Life Confirming . OB ( Bodyworker)


Nourishing the Mother - Pre and Post Natal Bodywork 

All the forms of bodywork and massage that I offer are suitable during the 2nd and 3rd term of pregnancy. It is simply the approach and the touch which differs. Sometimes women are very clear what they want from a session - whether it be relief from inevitable physical stresses which occur during your pregnancy, or more about the creating a time and space to relax and integrate all the changes which take place during this transitional period. Supportive and nurturing touch is also vital post birth. I highly recommended you to book in some kind of bodywork for the time after birth - what better gift to yourself after the hard work of labour.  It is a way of deeply letting go of the stresses of childbirth, of grounding you in your new experience as a mother, of allowing your body-mind to integrate into it's new state of being - all these things leave you better equipped to meet the needs of your new baby. Delicious Mummy Massage is appropriate as soon as you feel ready and for more structural integration you need to wait until after your 6 week post-partum check.

I offer women a comfortable and safe space  to explore what it is that they need most during this time of emotional and physical change. Often women don't know what they want until the day of the session so we can be flexible and work intuitively as I meet you the mother and your baby in the moment.
It is important to find the right practitioner and approach during this time of heightened sensitivity, so please feel free to call me and and ask questions to ensure that you are getting what's best for you.

Nicola's bodywork during my pregnancy was brilliant, I loved it. It left me full and vibrating and gave me the confidence to know that I could 'do this'. (JL, Researcher) .
I love pregnancy Zero balancing! (K.E, yoga teacher)

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