Bodywisdom Tutors: Nicola & Fiona Smith

The more we develop love for others, the more confidence we will have in ourselves
~ His Holiness the Dalai Larma

Fiona and Nicola Smith are sisters who have independently spent over a decade exploring and learning about the wisdom of the bodymind, the result of which is Bodywisdom School - a resource for professional  & personal development in the fields of therapeuctic touch and movement.

We are both registered accredited advanced practitioners and teachers of Traditional Thai Massage with the Sunshine Network, 
T.H.A.I. and hold full professional insurance.

For many years we ran individual practices in different countries, and when Fiona returned to the UK in 2007, we set up Bodywisdom School together – supporting one another in the research and promotion of Traditional Thai Massage and related forms of bodywork, teaching in both the West Country, England, Copenhagen, Denmark and Thailand.

We now have private practices in Somerset (Nicola) and Copenhagen (Fiona).

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