Links & Resources

Bodywisdom DK - our sister school in Denmark, offering Thai Massage courses, clinical practice and wellness at work (therapeutic massage and stress coaching)

Professional Organisations / Umbrella Organisations - International umbrella organisation for Thai massage - Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine - Complementary Therapists Association: contact here for insurance - UK resource for Zero Balancing - International rescource for ZB - Resource for pulsing movement bodywork

Traditional Thai Massage - Student Resources

Schools & Teachers Worldwide - our sister school in Denmark - Sunshine Network for Lahu village courses and teachers worldwide - Beginners courses and Advanced Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand  - Sunshine House, Greece - beginners & advanced courses and related workshops -  Itzhak Helman - courses in Thailand & worldwide - David Lutt teaches Osteothai - Thai Massage meets Osteopathy - Felicity Keebaugh, Advanced Asian Anatomy & Deep Abdominal Work - Thai Energy Massage


Books and Resources

Thai Massage-Step by Step -Nicky Smith (Lorenz Books). Now out in paperback.
Thai Traditional Massage in the Side Position, Asokananda £10 +pp
Thai Traditional Massage for Advanced Practitioners, Asokananda £12 +pp
The Art of Traditional Thai Massage, Energy Line Charts, Asokananda & Chow Kam Thye £10-15 +pp 
Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts, Bob Haddad
(Asokanda's books can be purchased directly from Bodywisdom School)

Anatomy & Physiology

Annie Cryar - online AP&P training with the Shiatsu College
Bristol School of Holistic Therapies, run a one-year course in Bristol

Equipment - yoga equipment and listings for national yoga teachers, classes, retreats - beautiful chakra inspired yoga equipment. Business set up by Kashimir crafstwomen.

Recommended Thai Massage Practitioners  - Europe - (Fiona Smith - Bodywisdom co-founder and tutor) Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Jane Newman - Brighton
Jeanette Karlsson - Sweden
Julie Bickerton - Stamford, Lincs
Nicola Smith - Somerset
Ralf Marzen - London
Angela Pinder - Doncaster
Tracey Joscelyne - NW. Wales
Nemia Machlachlan - Gloucestershire
Adam Kelly - Bristol 

BabyWisdom - Information for Women during and after Pregnancy in Somerset and Bath

DoulaUK - national umbrella organisation about Doula Birth Support Services
Check out the work of  Ina May Gaskin - she wrote the pioneering text Spiritual Midwifery and incredibly informative Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.
Birthing from Within, Pam England and Rob Horrowitz is also a lovely workbook during pregnancy to prepare yourself for birth
Orgasmic Birth DVD is fascinating and inspiring they have a great website.
The Natural Pregnancy Book: Herbs, Nutrition and other holistic therapies, Romm is a great  practical resouce. Information on Home Birthing 
Beyond Birthing - website of Katherine Woodbury and Great Expectations NCT support group
Nareya - Lucy Hewitt Hypno birthing and Doula


Recommended Practitioners of Related Therapies


Healing Soles - Chris Elam Ayuvedic Treatments and Yoga in urban retreat setting, Hastings
Hilary Totah - Scaravelli Yoga classes, St Leonards on Sea
Emotional Health Centre - Ranjana and Eddie Apoo - inspired healing and meditation sessions and trainings, using EFT, Liberating Touch and Jin Shin Jitsu, Hastings
Cranial Osteopathy with Jonathon Huston at the Dyke Road Clinic, Brighton -  for adults & babies
Philip Holmes - Experienced Acupuncturist in Bexhill & Eastbourne
Paula Roberts - Specialises in Maternity Reflexology - St Leonards on Sea & Clapham
Dolphin House Clinic - affordable complimentary therapies for babies and children (adult's clinic too), Brighton

Bristol and the South West

Jill Glover - Acupuncture; Jill provides a deeply nurturing space for healing
Koren Barnwell - Acupuncture, Colonic Irrigation Therapy & Holistic Massage
Susie Hampshire - Meditation, Reflexology, fantastic facials, massage
Jenni Meyer - Craniosacral Therapy for babies and pre/post partum for mothers (to-be)
The Courtyard Osteopaths - A Bristol based group of four cranio-osteopaths specialising in treatments for babies and young children. Adult treatments also available.
Moving Massage  - with Jocasta Crofts. Also offers pre and postnatal massage and work with babies
Lucy Peel - Naturopathy for Health in Bath and E.Somerset
The Art of Embodiment - Somatic Experiencing in Somerset with Gavin Conochie


UK - Other

Catherine Franks - Myofascial Release Therapy, Stamford, Lincolnshire


Behandlerkollektivet - The collective where Fiona has her clinical practice in Copenhagen (Frederiksberg). Acupuncture, homeopathy and other bodywork modalities are on offer here.



Bristol Yoga - Montpelier non-profit studio run by Sarah Harlow and Chris Gladwell; inspiring teaching from the heart. - Central Bristol studio run by the dynamic Laura Gilmore. - Gary Osborn-Clarke; independent yoga teacher in Bristol & surrounds

UK - Other

Yogahouse, Stamford - Liz Chapman is a creative, nurturing independent yoga teacher working her magic in Stamford and surrounds.


International Teachers - the feminine unfolding of Yoga with Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten

Books & Resources for Thai Massage Diploma  

Places That Scare Us, Pema Chodron
From Inside Out, Victor Van Kooten
The Breathing Book, Donna Farhi
Awakening the Spine, Vanda Scaravelli
A Path with Heart, Jack Kornfield
A Widening Field, Crickmay & Tufnall
Wisdom of the Body Moving, L. Hartley
Core Awareness; Judith Koch
Yoga of the Subtle body, Tias Little
Donna Eden Energy Medicine - you tube
Judith Sullivan - you tube resource for energywork
X-Piano - meditative music for massage - Brighton Based X-Piano Orchestra

Movement, Related Trainings & CPD Work ~ Horse Wisdom workshops & Equine Guided Learning ~ Silke Ziehl for Pulsing & Bodypsychotherapy ~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen ~ Thomas Hannah's Somatic work ~ Dawn Morgan 5 Rhythms Dance  ~ awakening the body through dance and movement​ ~ Training in Myofascial Release therapy

Meditation and Retreat Spaces – Vipassana centres worldwide (Goenka) - a beautiful setting on Dartmoor - lovely retreat centre in Devon; short and long courses - Detox retreats in the UK and abroad; a deeply nurturing space for cleansing and rejuvenation
www.seedstarsyoga - beautiful new yogashala opened in Hove, East Sussex. Yoga, sauna, detox, nourishment.

Other Links

Lucy Bee Organic Coconut Oil - delicious fairtrade organic raw coconut oil from the Philippines.Can be used both inside and out! Great for massage, chocolates, cakes, frying, roasting. THE healthy alternative to cooking with unstable polyunsaturated oils and soooo good for you!
Active Silver - UK Colloidal Silver Supplier
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