Foundation Massage Course

Mindful Massage ~ a foundation course in Thai Yoga Massage

Our 6-day course in mindful massage and movement offers an experience of meditation and profound relaxation in both the giving and receiving of touch. This ancient healing art combines the Buddhist teachings of compassion alongside the physical practice of Yoga asana. Click for booking info
During the course you will learn how to:-
  • Touch with confidence and awareness
  • Use your whole body to work effectively, efficiently and safely
  • Move with the power of the breath
  • Experience and understand how energy flows in the body
  • Develop your quality and presence in giving and receiving
Who is the course for?
The course is open to every body. If you are a complete beginner to massage and want to learn a skill to share with family and friends or  if you are an experienced practitioner in another modality (counselling, psychotherapy, martial arts or yoga) and are looking to enhance your skill-base, then this course is for you.  All are welcome, This module is a pre-requisite for the professional diploma course.

What to expect?
Yoga, grounding, self care, chanting are integral aspects of this course. During these 3 weekends you will gain the tools and experience to be able to give a balanced Thai Massage in supine and prone position. It offers an excellent foundation for any massage, dance, Yoga or martial arts practice. Course requirement: to be comfortable working at floor level.
Teaching Testimonial:
"your teaching has a good balance between technical demonstation, 'technique'  and instinctive free flow with the body. Your attunement to the art of Thai massage seems to be very practical and down to earth and still aligned to the more subtle and energetic aspects of the work" Teresa, Dancer and Yoga Teacher.