Welcome to Bodywisdom School of Traditional Thai Massage

If you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything, Thich Nhat Than

Bodywisdom is the ability to listen and respond to what our body is telling us. We all have the inner knowing needed to find and maintain well-being in both body and mind. In this spirit we offer:
  • Professional diploma courses in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
  • Advanced Thai Yoga massage trainings & CPD courses
  • Introductory massage courses for beginners
  • Skills workshops for practitioners of all disciplines
  • Mentoring & Certification for students of Thai Massage who have studied either with Bodywisdom or other schools who would like support in any aspect of their practice
  •  On-line Thai Massage tutorials, demos & more..
Bodywisdom clinics are available in Somerset and Copenhagen

Bodywisdom was founded by sisters Fiona and Nicola Smith. As individual practitioners & tutors, Fiona and Nicola offer a variety of modalities as the tools enable you to connect more deeply with yourself, listen to your body’s intelligence, feel good and stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Book with Fiona at the Copenhagen Clinic for Traditional Thai Massage, Pregnancy & Post-natal Massage and 'Wellbeing at Work' for small & large businesses.
Book with Nicola at the Somerset Clinic  for Traditional Thai Massage,Pregnancy & Post-natal massage,  Yoga, Zero Balancing & Holistic Pulsing
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