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I can give you nothing that has not already its origins within yourself. I can throw open no picture gallery but your own. I can help make your own worlds visible, that is all. Hesse

What do we offer you?

Bodywisdom School teaches accredited professional training courses in northern style Traditional Thai Massage in the UK, Denmark. Currently running in Bristol, Bath and Copenhagen.  For Thailand courses click here.
We are affiliated with the BRCP,  TTYMA UK and recognised by THAI Healing Alliance.


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Our Introductory workshops teach simple techniques for complete beginners, practitioners who want to add skills to an existing practice, and those who want to give massage to family and friends. The Sacred Dance and Mindful Touch are run annually.

Our accredited Practitioner Diploma course is for those who wish to practice professionally, develop their career in the healing arts or do the course for personal development.

Our Advanced training and CPD courses offer high quality weekend or 5-day intensives to students and practicing Thai Massage therapists. These courses are either taught by Bodywisdom School tutors or we host an international guest tutor. These workshops are a fantastic opportunity for development and offer a forum for deeper exploration into the spirit and practice of Thai Massage as an ancient healing dance. Past workshops have included: Thai Massage for pregnancy, Osteothai for breathing mechanism, Sen line Therapy.

Certification / Bridging Programme for all students of Thai Massage
For students who’ve completed a beginner’s course in Thailand, short courses with other schools,  or lapsed students returning to their practice, who wish to gain professional status within the UK.

Professional/ Self Development workshops
A range of 1 or 2 day workshops: including Community Skill Share Days for Thai practitioners, Holistic Pulsing Courses for bodyworkers and Horsewisdom workshops (UK only) open to all physcial and talking therapists.

Our Teachers

We have been fortunate to train with many wonderful teachers over the past fourteen years.
First and foremost amongst them are:

Asokananda (Harald Brust), a native German, was arguably the first Western teacher of Traditional Thai massage. He passed down an unprecedented wealth of experience and knowledge to his small number of accredited teachers before his death in 2005. He is rightly accredited with being the foremost teacher in influencing current practice of this ancient healing art outside Thailand and his clear, methodical approach made this ancient healing art which had previously been taught mostly in the form of apprenticeship to a master far more accessible - and more straightforward to learn - to western students of the form. He researched Thai massage, yoga and Vipassana meditation for more than 15 years and began teaching Thai Massage after studying for a number of years at the Chiang Mai Old Medicine Hospital with Pichet Boonthumme (who is still teaching today) and Chaiyuth Priyasith.
Asokananda's book The Art of Traditional Thai Massage, published in Bangkok in 1990, was the first publication about this art in any language other than Thai.
Pichet Boonthumme
Colleague and some time rival of Chaiyuth Priyasith at the Old Medicine Hospital, Pichet is one of the few living Masters of Traditional Thai Massage who is still teaching. He learned his art in the old traditional way, over many years of observation and study with his teachers and has a deep spiritual practice that both sustains him and is intrinsically linked to both his teaching and life.  His students learn that to meditate, pray and listen deeply is the beginning of our journey on this Path. He encourages an 'unlearning' of form and for us to follow our intuitive 'knowing' and understanding of energy and the body.

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