Practitioner Diploma Course in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Learning the Art of Creative Bodywork

Thai Massage has its roots in the Buddhist practice of mindfulness and loving kindness meditation and the medical system of Ayurveda and yoga. It is an holistic practice and views the body as an alive system of energy or Qi which, when out of balance, creates ‘dis-ease’. It uses a unique combination of gentle, passive yoga based, combined with rhythmic, sensitive acupressure. The massage benefits not only our energy flow, but also our emotional and physical structure, creating a powerful tool for well-being and transformation. Our flexible course is run as two separate modules with an optional consolidation & examination programme.

Who is the Practitioner Diploma for?
  • Yoga and Pilates teachers, movement therapists, body-workers and talking therapists (counsellors/ pyschotherapists) who wish to attend a practical, accredited training which adds value to their existing work.
  • Those new to massage, who are looking for an experiential course which offers the opportunity for self-development and the skills to work with family and friends  (adding a professional qualification as an option at the end of their studies)
  • Those who are interested in exploring their creativity through massage and touch.
  • Those who want to complete a recognised, professional Thai Massage Diploma.
The Bodywisdom Diploma offers you a practical and flexible programme. By the end of the training you will have the tools to give a two hour full-body Thai Massage and the knowledge to apply the techniques you have learned sensitively, safely and appropriately. You will have the skills to work with clients of any age or body type presenting different needs. The Bodywisdom Practitioner Diploma Course is affiliated with the BRCP ( Bristish Register of Complementary Practitioners) and associated with TTYMA,  The Sunshine Network  & THAI (Thai Healing Alliance International).  Click Bodywisdom School DK - for courses in DENMARK

Join our flexible study programme:

Students can to learn the practical foundations of Thai Massage in Module 1. For students who want to continue their study to  Diploma level, Modules 2  & 3 follow in the same study year or, you can take a break and re-join the course the following year. (maximum one year between Modules 1 & 2)

Module 1: Mindful Massage (6 days) Exploring the art of touching with awareness. Learn how to use your whole body to work effectively and safely, how to work with structure and energy and the power of the breath. Working supine and prone to develop a 90 min sequence. Open to all levels of experience. Can be taken as stand alone course for personal development or augmentation to existing modality.

Module 2: The Sacred Dance of Thai Massage ( 9 days)  Develop your self practice, deepen intuitive understanding and compassionate touch and add to & refine your skills base. In this module we work again in supine and prone positions and add the side & sitting positions, finding flow in transitions learning variations for different body types. We learn about the Sen lines (energy lines) and their therapeutic application in Traditional Thai Massage.
Requisite for students wanting to complete the full Diploma programme.

Module 3: Consolidation & Certification (2-3 days teaching + supervised self study + examinations)

Module 4: Holistic Anatomy and Physiology with Shiatsu College on-line. Email us for more details of registration

FAQ & Practical Information
  • The Schedule: The two core modules are either run as an intensive course or taught at weekends, spread over a 6 month period. They include 12 days of teaching content with 2 further consolidation & assessment. months and complete the examinations within 10-12 months or you can split your study over two academic years and complete the certification progamme in a time-frame that suits you.
  • Examination programme (Module 3) includes practice & assessment days, 60 hours of Self-study (30 x 2 hour case studies to be completed over 6 months) a reflective essay and practical & theory examinations. 
  • Supporting practices: we ask that all students attend either 6 sessions of yoga, meditation, Chi Gong classes to support their learning, if this is not already part of your practice. To receive 2 full-body Thai Massages from recommended practitioner. These costs are not included in the course fee
  • Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 students for the main teacher to ensure excellent standard of personal attention. An assistant will be present if class sizes are larger than 12.
  • Attendance: students must have attended all days of a course or completed additional mentoring sessions to make up the total of 84 hours of contact teaching time. £35/hour
  • AP&P. UK students must be in possession of a Level 3 AP&P certificate before they receive their Bodywisdom Thai Massage Diploma Certificate. (Click for link to Shiatsu College on-line, our recommended course)
  • Pre-requisites for registration: attendance on one of our 1-day Introductory workshops and/or a one-to-one mentoring & teaching session with a Bodywisdom tutor combined with one full Thai Massage from a Bodywisdom tutor OR you have completed a Thai Massage course with any other teacher and received one full Thai Massage from a Bodywisdom tutor.
Our Diploma Course Material
Mindful Massage Module 1 Course Manual, Sacred Dance Module 2 Course Manual, Thai Massage by Nicky Smith (text book for reference) + online teaching materials.
Course fees and schedules:
vary according to the country. Go to our CALENDAR PAGE for dates and links to booking forms with individual course fees and payment options
Course Tutors:
Your course tutor is co-director Nicola Smith; please have a look at About Us for detailed information.
Please click on Calendar Page  for information on course dates & times, venues and fees.
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