Introductory Workshops ~ for professionals & beginners 


We welcome students of all ages and abilities, the only pre-requisite for all courses is that you are able to kneel on a mat on the floor and have reasonable physical fitness. If in doubt, please ask. 
These shorter massage workshops are a wonderful way to gain hands-on experience of both giving and receiving conscious, loving touch. They provide an excellent start for complete beginners into the world of massage and bodywork. They serve as a basis for those interested in going deeper into the work  of Thai Yoga massage and studying a Practitioner Diploma course, either for self development or to practice professionally. For professional bodyworkers, yoga or pilates teachers, dancers and physiotherapists, the techniques you learn will be an invaluable addition to your own practice.
Attendance on an Introductory workshop is a pre-requisite for the Practitioner Diploma course.

The Sacred Dance of Thai Massage

Thai Massage rebalances the flow of Prana ( Life Force energy,or Qi), so supporting our body's innate ability to heal itself. We do this through a combination of dynamic movement and rhythmic rocking, acupressure along the system of energy lines (Sen) and passive yoga stretching which is adapted to each person's needs. It is an ancient healing art with its roots in Ayurveda and the Buddhist practices of mindfulness and loving kindness meditation. In this workshop we focus using breath and bodyweight; dancing with our partner, buidling confidence to explore and play with moving massage. At the end of the workshop you will have learnt a simple flowing protocol to share with family, friends or incorporate into an exisiting bodywork practice. See Video Here

Partner Yoga ~ Partner Massage: Touching from the Heart

We come together in the spirit of Ahimsa ( non-violence) and Metta ( unconditional love) to meet one another through yoga asana, meditation and traditional Thai Massage techniques.  Learn how to develop unconditional listening in your hands, how to work at "interface" with your partner, how and why to ground yourself as practitioner and what it means to create a sacred working space. For the complete beginner, our aim is to give you the confidence and framework to explore  healing touch and therapeutic movement with family and friends. For the practicing Yogi or physical therapist, this workshop will also give you both practical tools and insights to incorporate into your existing modiality. 

Freeing the spine - with Massage & Movement

This one day course is a practical and playful exploration into the art of giving and receiving mindful touch and movement. It's for everyone interested in developing their confidence to explore the healing potential of conscious touch. You will learn the skills to effectively release the spine, the breath mechanism ( which then influences the whole system) with the self-practices of Yoga and Somatic movement and partner practices of Thai Massage and Holistic Pulsing, creating a short protocol for you to take home or integrate into an existing practice. Video Here

The Power of Mindful Touch - a weekend workshop

Engaged touch is the most immediate form of communication and a powerful and transformative tool for healing.  During this weekend we'll be exploring how to work more consciously with touch, in our everyday and professional lives. This experiential workshop with Bodywisdom School is open to students with all levels of experience; from complete beginner to professional therapist, yoga or movement teacher. Using principles from Traditional Thai Bodywork, Zero Balancing and Somatics we will establish ways of working safely and effectively with one another to facilitate authentic connection and invite our partner to release tension from the body and mind. 

Student Testimonials 

I really enjoyed the day and found the workshop both inspiring and centering. Jayne, Massage therapist

Fiona was really good at helping people with no experience in massage (me!) really understand what it was about and if I had trouble doing something she helped me. As an introductory course it was a good balance of talking and doing." Cora,

 I learnt so much and especially enjoyed your informal teaching style. I loved your explorative nature and I'm keen to develop this style further. Tamsin, Mother

Thank you  for a really inspiring workshop. You bring a beautiful, calm energy to the work and held a very tranquil, empowering space for us all.  Sam, Bodyworker
I was really very impressed with the content of the workshop and already feel I have a lot to share. Annie, Yoga teacher
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