Professional and Self Development Workshops

We offer a varied programme which suits the needs & interests of Thai Massage practitioners, students and other complimentary health professionals and bodyworkers

Annual Community Gathering ~ open to  all Thai practitioners, teachers & therapists

Bodywisdom School is passionate about helping to reinforce the traditional community spirit of Thai Massage learning and finding different ways we can inspire and support each other in our practice as therapists. This will be our 4th year of facilitating these practical and nuturing workshops. 

Horsewisdom workshops – Developing Somatic awareness with Equine Guided Learning

These Equine Guided Learning Seminars are facilitated by Nicola Smith & Catherine Bray from Equine Affinity
"Horses have no agenda with us; they simply reflect our strength of character, our heart, our internal incongruence and our self limiting perceptions. By example, they ask us to lead our lives with the same dignity, grace,and power that they naturally embody." A.Strozzi - Horse Sense for the Leader Within.
These practical days of Equine Guided Learning, guided meditation, physical exploration and personal reflection are a unique opportunity to work with yourself and other beings in a refined and creative way; to learn how we can best use what is unconscious and unspoken in order to be more authentic and effective in our everyday lives and professional communication. 

Power of the Wave: Introductory workshops in Holistic Pulsing

Nicola studied Holistic Pulsing with Silke Zeihl from Entelia Institue and the Open Centre. It has its roots in the Hawaian Shamanic tradition and offers practitioners an exquisitely simple and profound way of connecting with the whole of our recipient through gentle and non-invasive rhythmic touching. It stands alone as a form of bodywork and can also support the nourishing aspect of a Thai Massage and other hands-on energy practices. The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild have produced a great video online and in the UK. is great central resource for trainings and practitioners.

Holistic Life Coaching & Life Mentoring
Contact Fiona Smith directly.
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