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What is Yoga?

What is yoga after all? It is something that we experience deep inside, within our being. Desikachar

Meaning “Union” or “to Yoke”, yoga originated in the subcontinent of India, and has evolved, taking many different forms, over thousands of years. It continues to evolve to this day, developing new emphasis and form as it becomes more integrated with the needs of contempory Western culture. 

Why practice Yoga?

The practice of Hatha (physical) Yoga is a very simple means to bring us back into the body (or wake it up if we feel we've never really been in contact with it in the first place) and to still the mind. It is from this quiet place we can learn to develop greater sensitivity and attentiveness to the present moment. Through yoga we develop a deeper understanding of how we can move, breathe and be with ourselves and others, with greater flexibility, ease and kindness. It is a practice of being more alive to each moment.

Traditional Thai Massage and Yoga

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage originated from the Ayuvedic tradition and carries with it obvious influences from the Hatha Yoga practice. In the same way that Yoga aims to promote the clear flow of prana around the system, so does Thai massage, with emphasis placed on increasing flow through the Sen System, mobilizing joints to enable the breath to flow more freely and the prana to flow more evenly.

Many Yoga teachers and practitioners find the practice of Thai Massage an invaluable companion to their own teaching and personal practice.

Finding a Yoga class that is right for you

The different 'types' of yoga that we encounter today are simply different styles or approaches to the same underlying principle - that of bringing together our body, our mind and our heart. 

Most public classes that we come across are Hatha Yoga: namely that they include pranayama, relaxation and asana. Within that each teacher or lineage will have it's own defining style, e.g. Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga etc. The best way to find out which class suits you is to try out a few and ask questions about the teachers own practice; in that way you will find a teacher whose energy resonates best for you.
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