Massage during Pregnancy

During this special  time of transition and change, what we want from a massage may differ enormously from our usual needs. If we tend to like deep pressure and stretches (the latter in classic Thai Massage) we may find that we now simply want holding and nurture; a time and space to drop back into ourselves, as a woman, as mother-to-be, as 'me'.

We tailor each session individually for each woman as our experience in pregnancy is so very different. Both Nicola and Fiona have been blessed with the experience of pregnancy and natural childbirth and and as therapists are able to offer you a treatment with a much deeper understanding of what your needs might be.

Pregnancy Thai Massage is given mostly in the side position, with pillows and bolsters placed to support the body where it most needs it - for example, under the belly, keeping the hips in alignment. 

We concentrate on opening up the energy body through sensitive work on the Sen (energy) lines in this position. When energy, blood and lymph flow better, we offer better nourishment to our baby and our hormones (and therefore mood) are more balanced.  We also incorporate gentle stretches to open up the lungs, diaphragm and ribcage and encourage freedom of breath and space for the internal organs to move, promoting better digestion.

Post Natal Massage

Thai Massage is also enormously beneficial post-partum, in helping to balance hormones and lift mood (it's very beneficial for those suffering Post-natal depression). It eases aching shoulders, arms and backs that can develop through breast feeding, carrying baby and all those weird sleeping postures you might be trying if you're breast-feeding lying down or co-sleeping.

Other Modalities

You may be looking for massage and healing touch, but prefer to receive another modality. If you can't see what you want here,  have a look at our respective clinics pages to see how we might help you with Zero Balancing and Thai Foot Massage


"I have received massage from Fiona for a number of years now and in a number of different personal situations - in pregnancy and as a nursing mother; when feeling calm and clear, and in periods of significant life transition. Each time Fiona has quickly and effortlessly understood and responded to my needs; physically and emotionally I have felt reassured and re-energised and have felt able to move forward in my life with renewed confidence and motivation. Based on my experience I wholeheartedly recommend regular sessions with Fiona as a fantastic and positive way to live through the challenges of life."  
Catherine (fundraiser), Bristol

Nicola's bodywork is not like ordinary massage. It couldn't be further from simple flesh-kneading.
Rather, her touch seems to open me up and help the energy beneath the skin, in the bone and muscles, flow.
Nicola is skillful with and knowledgeable of the body's deeper currents. She takes a soulful hold
of m body; freeing up emotions and giving a sense of release and balance to me as a whole person.
The effect being that I feel both restorative and uplifting. Elisabeth ( Mother and PHD student), London

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